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Avoid penalties for failure to meet California emission standards. The Auto Logic STAR station in Fullerton, California, offers standard emission checks that are fast, accurate, and convenient. The test takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and all you need is your keys and your car. Your vehicle’s test results are reported directly to the DMV, and a copy of the results is included for your records. The price of the test is only $50. The best part is: if you don’t pass, you don’t pay (Some restrictions apply,please call for details) 

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Five STAR Service

We have more than 20 years of experience in providing timely and affordable service. Since the beginning of the new standards in 2013, Auto Logic has worked as hard as it can to exceed new state guidelines for emissions checking.

Our company works hard, not just for the state, but for its customers. We hire the most skilled personnel to handle your vehicle with care.  Auto Logic does not share or sell any email addresses collected from inspections. Call us today and know that your car is fit for the road with our services.

California Smog Check Program

In an effort to protect the environment, the State of California began the California Smog Check Program. Any person who receives a notice for renewal needs to have their car inspected by a certified STAR station.

From the time a person receives their notice, they have 90 days to get the inspection. Auto Logic is honest about its service and does not offer any repairs to make vehicles meet emission standards.

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